Better if organic


Bio Bio is a 100% organic gelato, no ingredient is of synthetic origin: only genuine products, of certified origin, and coming from organic farming.

Bio Bio is a natural gelato created for everyone, for those who prefer organic products and also for those with special dietary needs Fruit flavors are made without milk, the perfect choice for vegans and lactose intolerants.

Creme Flavors


The structured taste of licorice root becomes an aromatic cream, rich, and enveloping.

White Mint

The renowned delicacy of white mint delights the palate with a refined and refreshing taste.

Black Cherry & Brittle

A crunchy brittle contrasts the particular, sweet and slightly sour taste of the black cherries, all bound by our fior di latte.

Milk Chocolate

The most beloved gelato, which combines the energy of cocoa with the delicacy of milk. Even better because organic!

Extra Dark Chocolate

A strong flavor given by the particular selection of organic cocoa, a pleasure also for vegans and lactose intolerant people.

100% Pure Pistachio

A very popular flavor, but you cannot say you’ve tried it until you tasted one made with real pistachios and no food coloring like ours.

Piedmont’s Hazelnut

Rich flavor made only with Piedmont hazelnuts, which are the most exquisite, as they retain an unmistakable taste even after roasting.


True almond gelato expressed in purity, a flavor capable of conveying the delicate essence of the almond groves from Italian countryside.


A flavor loved by everyone, a classic in the history of Italian gelato, made with fior di latte and enriched with crispy chocolate flakes.


Vigorous and intense like a good Italian espresso, which caresses the palate with its creamy consistency.

Cream of the good ol’ days

Imagine a grandmother who expertly prepares the cream by mixing milk and fresh eggs… We also do it this way, like tradition wants.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

The exotic aroma of Madagascar’s vanilla enchants this refined and enveloping flavor.

Yogurt, Honey, and Walnuts

A light and genuine ingredient like yogurt becomes tastier and more nutritious thanks to two superfoods: crispy walnuts and honey.

Ricotta and Caramelized Figs

The sweet caramelization of figs in contrast with the freshness of ricotta creates a union that will surprise you.

Fior di latte

The taste of gelato par excellence, so simple and so good! All the naturalness of pure organic milk becomes an irresistible cream.

Fruit Flavors


The pulp of naturally picked fleshy blueberries reveals all its fragrance and intense taste.


An exotic taste that contains within itself a universe of unmistakable tropical aromas.


Exotic, fresh, summery, Bio Bio’s pineapple is a true collection of flavors and emotions of taste.


A flavor that keeps intact the natural and genuine taste of the tropical fruit par excellence.


In this flavor you can rediscover all the vitality of summer and of the melons matured in the sun.


The true flavor of freshly picked, juicy and sweet strawberries, without coloring and without milk, the perfect gelato even for vegans.


A gelato that captures the taste of the sweetest and most fragrant peaches, picked at the peak of ripeness.

Lemon & Ginger

The combination of citrus and spice tickles the palate in a very special way.


Much more than a flavor, a true journey to Italy, among the scents of summer. Without milk, ideal for vegans.

Special Flavors

Sweet & Savory

A mix of savory caramel sauce and crunchy peanuts, let yourself be amazed by the sweet and savory contrast of this exclusive Bio Bio recipe.


If you love peanuts, try them in gelato version! All the flavor of peanuts in a creamy variant.

Grandma’s Cookie

The traditional grandma’s cream is even tastier combined with crumbly cocoa cookies. An exclusive Bio Bio flavor; it’s a must!

Flavor of the day

You can periodically find the flavors of the day in our ice-cream parlors, linked to the seasonality of the raw material or to special events. The gelato masters look for fresh and local organic ingredients that allow them to create new recipes and new flavors.